ella's kitchen

Ella's Kitchen relaunches its cereals for babies

08 Feb 2016 | By Daniel Selwood

Featuring multigrain rice, porridge and muesli, each new line will be available in a resealable pack

honey monster puffs less sugar

Honey Monster Puffs' sugar content reduced by a further 25% Subscription

28 Jan 2016 | By Simon Gwynn

The reduction will take the product’s sugar content down from 29% to 22% – or 6.6g per 30g serving

Frosties reformulation sugar reduction

Tony and Coco to go on diet as Kellogg's sugar cereals slump Subscription

22 Jan 2016 | By Rob Brown

Sugar levels in Frosties and Coco Pops (currently 37% and 35%) will be cut by an unspecified amount

Weetabix wheat farmers

Weetabix reaffirms commitment to local sourcing Subscription

22 Jan 2016 | By Simon Gwynn

Each shipment of wheat can be traced to a particular farm

waitrose cereals

Waitrose slashes sugar content in breakfast cereals line-up Subscription

21 Jan 2016 | By Carolyn Robertson

Retailer to have removed 25 million tons of sugar from own label lines by the end of the year


Choc spread sales boom despite 'war on sugar' Subscription

15 Jan 2016 | By Rob Brown

Brits can’t get enough of chocolate spread despite growing health concerns about sugar

good grain puffed wheat

Low sugar highlighted in Halo Foods' Good Grain revamp

15 Jan 2016 | By Lisa Riley

The new-look packs of the cereal feature traffic-light colours on the front


Moma cuts out gluten and dairy with new porridge pot Subscription

15 Jan 2016 | By Simon Gwynn

The Coconut and Chia Porridge Pot is a blend of oats, chia seeds, coconut pieces and coconut milk powder

Weetabix Weetabuddies

Weetabix's Weetabuddies in Cartoon Network partnership

07 Jan 2016 | By Lisa Riley

The move is part of a £1.7m push for the cereal brand

Bacon and sausages feature, pigs in blankets

Brits shun bacon and bangers at Christmas Subscription

07 Jan 2016 | By Simon Gwynn

By contrast, sales of cakes, pies and puddings were up in the run-up to Christmas 2015

kellogg's crunchy nut lorry

Kellogg's makes Paris pledge to cut emissions by 65% Subscription

11 Dec 2015 | By Andrew Don

Kellogg’s announced the target in Paris on Tuesday at the New York Times Energy For Tomorrow Conference

kingsmill bread

Tesco in Reset reset as core Kingsmill range makes return Subscription

11 Dec 2015 | By Ian Quinn, Lisa Riley

Kingsmill bread has secured a shock comeback on the shelves at Tesco

weetabix protein

Weetabix goes big on protein as Fuel 10K reformulates Subscription

10 Dec 2015 | By Lisa Riley, Simon Gwynn

The protein cereal trend is set to hit the next level in the new year

Team GB Kellogg's

Kelloggs's gives away Olympics trips as Team GB partner

08 Dec 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

The week-long trips to Rio are each worth £15,000

Kellogg's ancient grains

Kellogg's to launch 'ancient grains' cereals in January Subscription

08 Dec 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

Ancient Legends is a range of mueslis, granolas and cereals

Pasta sauces

Ambient pasta sauce sales hit by price war Subscription

05 Nov 2015 | By Vince Bamford

Ambient pasta sauces have been hit by the price war, The Grocer research has revealed

peanut butter

Pip & Nut and Proper Nutty win listings in major supermarkets Subscription

05 Nov 2015 | By Vince Bamford

Two artisan peanut butter brands are ramping up their presence with supermarket listings


Kellogg sales and profits hit by strong US dollar Subscription

03 Nov 2015 | By Edward Devlin

Profits at Kellogg Co slumped more than 8% in the third quarter as sales at the US cereal manufacturer missed expectations

santa maria seasoning

Morrisons and Sainsbury's add new Santa Maria lines Subscription

29 Oct 2015 | By Vince Bamford

Seasonings brand Santa Maria has secured new listings for its products

Kellogg's Special K Tess Daly

Kellogg's UK profits slump as Brits turn away from cereals Subscription

16 Oct 2015 | By Andrew Don

Kellogg’s suffered a profit slump in the UK last year as it battled falling demand for cereals.

Kellogg's Special K

Kellogg’s creates African joint venture Subscription

15 Sep 2015 | By Alec Mattinson

Kellogg Company has Kellogg’s has announced a partnership with leading food company Tolaram Africa to develop snacks and breakfast foods for the West African market.


Former Ella's boss brings ancient grain biscuits to breakfast aisle Subscription

09 Sep 2015 | By Lisa Riley

James McMaster is also responsible for bringing Aussie breakfast drink Up&Go to the UK

Queen Flakes kellogg's

Kellogg's celebrates Queen's record reign with Queen Flakes

09 Sep 2015 Updated: 09 Sep 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

The limited-edition flashy concoction is on sale exclusively at Manchester’s Black Milk Cereal Dive

eat natural sugar free super granola

Eat Natural adds no-added sugar 'Super Granola' duo

31 Aug 2015 | By Helen Gilbert

Eat Natural has added two granolas containing no refined sugar

hulk cereal one use

Cereals Category Report 2016 Subscription

22 Jan 2016 | By Emma Sturgess

Shattered by the price war, cereal brands are muscling up with protein, porridge and granola

Focus On Frosties

Kellogg's is right to reformulate Frosties and Coco Pops

22 Jan 2016 | By Rob Brown

Tony the Tiger and his pal Coco the Monkey aren’t looking so grrrr-eat right now

weetabix protein crunch

Weetabix Protein Crunch: acid test Subscription

14 Jan 2016 | By Simon Gwynn

Protein is the word on everyone’s lips, and cereals is one of the categories most affected by demand

coco pops porridge

Breakfast skippers cost cereals £70m Subscription

18 Dec 2015 | By Amy North

Cereals, like corn flakes left to soak for too long, have gone soggy

shredded wheat cherry bakewell

Nestlé Shredded Wheat Cherry Bakewell: acid test Subscription

10 Dec 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

Cereal isn’t in a happy place – with consumers struggling to find the time to eat breakfast

beloved date muesli

Beloved Apple, Almond & Sultana Date Muesli: Acid Test Subscription

20 Nov 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

For a long time, UK consumers could hardly get a date if they tried, but the fruit is appearing in an increasing number

kelloggs crunchy nut porridge

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Porridge: Acid Test Subscription

16 Nov 2015 | By Vince Bamford

Kellogg’s has targeted young males by extending its Crunchy Nut brand into the hot cereals market

quaker oats warm and crunchy

Quaker Oats Warm & Crunchy Oat Clusters - Cranberry & Apple Subscription

29 Oct 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

Quaker Oat So Simple is the biggest brand in hot cereals, with sales up 3.3% to £107.8m

grocer page sugar

Avoid high sugar cereals - not all types of cereal! Subscription

29 Oct 2015

The recent article on PHE’s proposed crackdown on sugary products was a compelling one

quaker oats wholesome crunch granola

Quaker Oats Goji & Blueberry Granola: acid test Subscription

18 Sep 2015 | By Vince Bamford

Quaker Oats made a major push into granola this summer, rolling out three ranges…

asda caramel popcorn cereal

Acid Test: Asda Caramel Popcorn Cereal Subscription

03 Sep 2015 | By Vince Bamford

Popcorn sales soared 38.1% last year to £87.4m on volumes up 25.6%…

heinz logo

3G lines up latest mega-deal Subscription

12 Jan 2015 | By Edward Devlin

3G Capital is eyeing up its latest F&B targets but which is the best fit?

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