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Sugar tax used by EU soft drinks firms to boost margins Subscription

02 Aug 2014 | By Ian Quinn

So-called “sugar taxes” lead to retailers and suppliers boosting profit margins on full-sugar and diet drinks…

Tesco 5

Tesco claims lead on super-strength beer and cider curbs

01 Aug 2014 | By Ian Quinn

Tesco said this week it was years ahead of its rivals in removing super-strength beer and cider…

Peanut Hottie

Peanut Hottie drink hits the US with Walmart listings

01 Aug 2014 | By Arabella Mileham

British peanut butter drink Peanut Hottie has secured a listing in 2,499 US Walmart stores

Global brands

Global 50 food and drink suppliers: rankings and report Subscription

04 Jul 2014 | By Guy Montague-Jones

A dramatic slowdown in growth among the world’s biggest fmcg giants is underlined in our OC&C Global 50 rankings…

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Marston's show has One Ale of a Job to keep viewers interested

30 Aug 2014 | By James Halliwell

“We like to think of ourselves as the fourth emergency service,” said two cheery Marston’s drivers…

Red Wine

Portman Group says voluntary action is tackling alcohol abuse Subscription

16 Aug 2014 | By Sarah Hanratty

From this week’s headlines, you wouldn’t think the overwhelming majority of adults in the UK drink responsibly…


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Duty stamps still on table

01 Sep 2013

As an interested party in the debate on duty fraud may I heartily support the FWD’s view about endorsement…

There's more to the US craft beer decline than meets the eye

01 Sep 2013

There’s been a dramatic fall in UK imports of American craft beers…

'Softly softly' is too slow

11 Aug 2013 | Updated: 12 Aug 2013

We at the Faculty of Public Health withdrew from the Responsibility Deal because we are dismayed and disappointed…

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