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Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-Ups

Mondelez mixes up Marvellous Creations brand with sharing bags

06 Apr 2014 | By Vince Bamford

Mondelez is extending its £50m Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations sub-brand into sharing bags…

Cadbury Dairy Milk ice cream

R&R kicks off drive to grow Mondelez lines

30 Mar 2014 | By Vince Bamford

R&R is relaunching the Cadbury Dairy Milk ice cream stick as part of plans to develop its licensed Mondelez product range…

Ritz Bakes

Ritz back on TV after 30-year Break

29 Mar 2014 | By Vince Bamford

Mondelez is looking to tap the “huge opportunity” in savoury biscuits with development of its Ritz brand…

Nespresso Clooney

A Mondelez cuckoo lays its pods in Nespresso's nest Subscription

07 Feb 2014 | By Vince Bamford

With big guns joining the Nespresso-compatible pod market, how can the Apple of the coffee world defend its premium position?

more mondelez news

Men are the new chocoholics. Will Crispello help women catch up?

06 Oct 2012 | By Vince Bamford

Cadbury has come in for flak from broadsheets and bloggers alike after news broke (in last week’s The Grocer) that it was launching a countline for the ladies.

The trouble with Mondelez

24 Mar 2012 | By Ronan Hegarty

What does Mondelez, the new name for Kraft’s global snacks business, mean to you? That was the…


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Nestlé can gain from Mondelez’s pods

20 Feb 2014

Nestlé may yet find that Mondelez’s move into the category provides a very interesting uplift in sales…

Horsegate: heed economics of the cold chain

12 Sep 2013

Sir: The supermarket business model is based on shoppers trusting what retailers put on their shelves…

Cheddar's a big boys' game

01 Sep 2013

Denhay’s withdrawal from Farmhouse Cheddar making has caught the media eye…

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