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City of London

Moy and UBUK flotations: will the trickle become a flood?

23 Aug 2014 | By Adam Leyland

Moy Park and UBUK IPOs will be hugely important in establishing if UK fmcg suppliers can make sense to Stock Market again…

David Sables

Don't skirt around the point - there is no harm in asking! Subscription

09 Aug 2014 | By David Sables

We are constantly fed a myth soup about selling and negotiation…


Is tailoring stores to local tastes the way forward for retailers?

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nicorette ad

E-cigarettes pose threat to pharmaceutical companies

30 Aug 2014

For a long time now, the media has consistently written reports on “the so-called effectiveness of e-cigarettes”


Alpro dedication hailed

30 Aug 2014

Alpro’s decision not to combine the manufacture of its nut and their soya milks on one line is very good news…

smoking in a blue room

NRT smoke and mirrors

30 Aug 2014

 I would like to take issue with the attack on e-cigarettes by Nicorette…

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