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Shopper Marketing

The art of ‘capturing a shopper’s heart, mind and wallet’ Subscription

31 Jul 2014 | By James Halliwell

Whether you’re giving them ‘hardwired insight’ or offering ‘surprise and delight,’ shopper marketing has become an essential tool for both brands and retailers. So how has it changed? And what’s next?

Rapeseed crop

Rapeseed oil prices driven down by good harvests Subscription

31 Jul 2014 | By Guy Montague-Jones

Rapeseed oil prices have tumbled thanks to good harvests at home and abroad…

Nick Crean

Nicholas Crean, Prestat, on nudity, chocolate and Tom & Jerry Subscription

31 Jul 2014 | By Beth Brooks

When I was 17, I spent a summer walking up and down the topless beaches of the South of France selling ice creams…

Citrus saturday

Citrus Saturday looks to create entrepreneurs with lemons Subscription

30 Jul 2014 | By Jon Yeomans

How can an entrepreneurial attitude be developed in teenagers? Citrus Saturday found them focused on the bottom line……

dave lewis

Dave Lewis at Tesco: how experts see the challenges ahead Subscription

25 Jul 2014 | By Ian Quinn

The Grocer dubbed him ‘Drastic Dave’ when he axed 300 jobs in 2007 as UK & Ireland chair, and halved the number of SKUs…


Almond and walnut prices driven up by drought in US Subscription

25 Jul 2014 | By Corina Savage

Some of the most common nuts used in baking have risen sharply in price because of bad weather…


FSA U-turn is a Pyrrhic victory for industry

24 Jul 2014 | Updated: 25 Jul 2014 | By Julia Glotz

The poultry industry has successfully lobbied the FSA into U-turning on plans to ‘name and shame’ companies in its campylobacter survey, but it shouldn’t rejoice.


Can Dave Lewis make a go of it as CEO of Tesco?

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Biggest booze brands 2014

Britain's 100 Biggest Alcohol Brands 2014 Subscription

22 Jul 2014 | By Rob Brown

Our 2014 survey of Britain’s Biggest Alcohol Brands shows we are drinking more and paying more for the pleasure. But is the value and volume turnaround sustainable, or was it just generated by 2013’s heatwave?


Grocery Retail Structure 2014

27 May 2014

The UK convenience sector is booming, consumers are shopping ‘little and often’. Right?

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Telogis - Keep Calm and Reduce Costs

Semi-Live: Telogis, the platform for location intelligence, is dedicated to enhancing the value of its customers’ businesses through intelligent integration…


mirror screaming

Focus on Male Grooming Subscription

Those of a sensitive disposition, look away now. The Grocer can reveal that one third of your male colleagues may not have brushed their teeth this morning, and one in 10 men only bathe or shower every three days.



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