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Funny Feet box in factory

Video: Funny Feet returns – thanks to The Grocer Video

23 Aug 2013

Beloved 1980s ice cream Funny Feet is returning to the UK’s freezers - here’s how the resurrection came about.

BBAB Funny Feet Portugal

The Grocer Brings Back a Brand

23 Aug 2013 | By Adam Leyland

Wall’s is bringing Funny Feet back, following a huge response to our 150th anniversary campaign…

BBAB Funny Feet Portugal

Funny Feet ice cream set for return thanks to The Grocer

23 Aug 2013 | By Adam Leyland

Wall’s is bringing back Funny Feet – thanks to The Grocer…

Walls Funny Feet

Video: Put a foot in your mouth with Funny Feet Video

23 Aug 2013

Walls’ Funny Feet ice cream delighted a generation of children in the 1980s until it disappeared from Britain’s freezers. Here’s a vintage ad from the 1980s.

BBAB Funny Feet 18p

Video: Vintage Funny Feet ad from 1981 Video

23 Aug 2013

Funny Feet ice cream charmed kids and adults alike in the 1980s – until it was discontinued ca. 1989. Here’s a vintage TV ad from 1981.

the campaign

Bring Back a Brand - the challenge

Bring Back a Brand: The reactivation challenge Subscription

23 Nov 2012 | By Simon Creasey

The Grocer’s Bring Back A Brand Facebook page attracted more than 10,000 followers and 8,500 votes since its launch in October. Assess the proposals, vote for your favourite design and give us your feedback.

Funny Feet vintage pack

Funny Feet (Unilever) Subscription

23 Nov 2012 | By Simon Creasey

A trailblazing brand that helped revolutionise frozen sweets in the early 1980s, this dollop of foot-shaped strawberry ice cream on a stick tasted lovely but melted far too quickly…

Toffo original

Toffo (Nestlé) Subscription

23 Nov 2012 | By Simon Creasey

It seems as if Nestlé just stopped making these classic wrapped ultra-chewy sweets without any warning. One minute they were there, the next minute they were gone, much to the delight of dentists…

Trio original

Trio (United Biscuits) Subscription

23 Nov 2012 | By Simon Creasey

Most people remember this chocolate biscuit with toffee thanks to its legendary TV advertising campaign, fronted by the loud-mouthed Suzie. The biscuit, which was made by Jacobs…

Bring Back a Brand

Vote now on Facebook to bring back a brand Subscription

05 Oct 2012 | By Simon Creasey

Wham and Highland Toffee bars were relaunched in 2012, as the retro revival trend continued. Now it’s the second phase of our Bring Back a Brand. So what brand would you like to bring back?

Bring Back a Brand

Bring back a brand Subscription

11 Jan 2012 | By Paul Simpson

Why do some retro comebacks work, while other revivals bomb? Which are most ripe for resurrection?


BBAB Funny Feet Portugal

The return of Funny Feet feels Fab (no pun intended)

24 Aug 2013 | By Adam Leyland

With the return of Funny Feet, our Bring Back a Brand campaign achieved everything we set out to achieve…


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