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seabass fish

Seabass restrictions: UK fishermen voice concern Subscription

13 Aug 2015 | By Carina Perkins

UK fishermen have raised concerns over new restrictions on seabass, which they claim could reduce landings by 15%

Waitrose Peterborough

Waitrose Foundation looks to double community spend to £20m Subscription

07 Aug 2015 | By Andrew Don

Waitrose Foundation is aiming to double the amount of profits invested back into producer communities


Farmers dismiss neonicotinoid permit fears Subscription

31 Jul 2015 | By Carina Perkins

Farmers and regulators have dismissed concerns that an emergency use authorisation for neonicotinoids could harm UK bee populations.

Led light

Supply chain specialist Rick Bestwick set for LED savings Subscription

31 Jul 2015 | By James Halliwell

Supply chain specialist Rick Bestwick expects to save £1.3m over five years after spending £600,000 on LED lighting…

more environmental news


Red meat is finally catching a break from the green lobby Subscription

10 Apr 2015 | By Carina Perkins

Long castigated by campaigners as ‘bad for you and bad for the planet’, red meat is finally catching a break…

oil pump

Oil price slump savings: will they be passed on to shoppers? Subscription

11 Jan 2015

As price crashes go, the recent oil price collapse takes some beating. Down by more than 50% in price…


Palm oil collaboration

06 Feb 2015

Your recent article on ‘The palm oil predicament’

Waitrose 12

Shining the light on a key issue for the environment

29 Nov 2014

I was really interested to see your ‘Switch the Lights’ Campaign…

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