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traffic light label

Traffic light labels: we should support the UK's scheme Subscription

24 Oct 2014 | By Sue Davies

The recent decision by the European Commission to launch infraction proceedings against the UK…

TV remote control

The Kitchen: an endearing midweek supper of a documentary

24 Oct 2014 | By James Halliwell

It’s amazing what passes for a documentary these days, isn’t it?…

Dave Lewis

Dave Lewis steps into the spotlight at Tesco Subscription

23 Oct 2014 | By Ian Quinn

If Dave Lewis was feeling the heat today when faced with baying hordes of press and City analysts, he certainly didn’t show it.

Nutrition labels

We need new cultural advice on food, says Tim Lang Subscription

23 Oct 2014 | By Tim Lang

Next month, the UN hosts the second International Conference on Nutrition in Rome…

Promotion deal

Price cuts are not the only tactic in retail war

23 Oct 2014 | By Andrew Marwick

Some smart firms are playing the long game when it comes to promotions, says Andrew Marwick, managing director at Opia.

Bear and the Hare, John Lewis

Retailers should harness media brands in the run-up to Christmas

23 Oct 2014 | By Krissie Ford

Advertisers could do worse than partner with magazines, websites and radio stations this Christmas, says Krissie Ford of Bauer Media.

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Discounter milk

Dealing with discounters: a lesson from French supermarkets Subscription

09 Oct 2014 | By Jonathan Simmons

The facts say it all. Hard discounters like Aldi and Lidl have seized more than 8% UK market share…

Lidl 14

Supermarkets have forgotten their shoppers Subscription

02 Oct 2014 | By Phillip Adcock

Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons are suffering severe downturns in trade and are rushing to blame the discounters…

Melanie Leech

Export opportunities must be seized urges Melanie Leech of FDF Subscription

19 Sep 2014 | By Melanie Leech

For those many highly entrepreneurial spirits seeking to enter food and drink, UK food retail can seem daunting…


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Third Party

Ocado ordering online

How retailers can emulate the online experience this Christmas Subscription

16 Oct 2014 | By Martin Smethurst

Online retail sales hit £91bn in 2013, with £11bn of that spent in December…

Shops high street

Retailers are not seeing the big brand presentation picture Subscription

09 Oct 2014 | By Dave Roberts

Take a walk down a British high street and look at the signs above the doors…

Tesco Bank app

Apps are increasingly important in online shopping Subscription

03 Oct 2014 | By Olivier Bernard

As shoppers’ enthusiasm for online grocery grows, apps are an increasingly important customer touchpoint…

tales of titania


Yoghurty fumblings in Soho as Titania mourns Chokablok

11 Oct 2014 | By Titania Touché

OMG. Recovering from a night out on the town with a client from New York…



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