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Higgins 2016

The Grocer's Tinkle: 2016 in cartoons Video Subscription

23 Dec 2016

Enjoy a Higgins Cartoons review of 2016

comment & opinion

Food waste

An inward approach won't deliver progress on food waste

13 Jan 2017 | By Megan Tatum

For some, the voluntary pledge to cut food waste lacks teeth or ambition and misses out vast swathes of industry


Christmas 2016: a last hurrah for consumers? Subscription

13 Jan 2017 | By Adam Leyland

Henceforth the government should arrange for Christmas Day to fall on a Sunday – every year

Martijn Bertisen quote web

How technology can aid consumer focus Subscription

12 Jan 2017 | By Martijn Bertisen

Delivering a superlative customer experience moved to the top of the agenda in 2016

Jonathan Fitchew

Change is easier if everyone has the same business goals Subscription

12 Jan 2017 | By Jonathan Fitchew

The passing of the reins of power, or even the reigns themselves, is a strong motif of January 2017

nick harrison quote web

Five ways retail will change Subscription

12 Jan 2017

Here are five predictions that show what the future of retail might look like

chris elliott quote web

We need a united food and farming system

12 Jan 2017 | By Chris Elliott

We have a wealth of talent that could come up with an outline for a combined ‘national food and health system’

sugar free sweets

A sugar-free surprise: why confectionery brands should consider wellbeing warnings Subscription

16 Jan 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

There’s a sour side to sugar-free confectionery

dave lewis

As inflation hits, Dave Lewis’s love-in with suppliers can’t last Subscription

12 Jan 2017 | By Ian Quinn

Things were looking pretty super today for Tesco boss Dave Lewis

panda meat

The panda steak is closer than you think Subscription

05 Jan 2017 | By Megan Tatum

Scientists are claiming that lab-grown meat could hit supermarket shelves within five years

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the saturday essay

chris blythe quote web

Successful NPD is about core values Subscription

05 Jan 2017 | By Chris Blythe

It’s important we seek out new ways to expand our brand portfolio, and that we do so in a planned and thoughtful manner

ian wright quote web

Unity in challenging times Subscription

16 Dec 2016 | By Ian Wright

I am so proud of the way my FDF colleagues mobilised so quickly in the wake of the EU referendum

liam newton quote web

Lager must tell its story Subscription

09 Dec 2016

The truth is that lager is not connecting with 20 to 34-year-olds as a category in a way it once did


As the results flood in, who do you think won Christmas?

View poll results

Third Party

nick harrison quote web

Five ways retail will change Subscription

12 Jan 2017

Here are five predictions that show what the future of retail might look like

richard plaistowe

No PGI won't mean no protection Subscription

16 Dec 2016

It’s likely that Scotch whisky and Cumberland sausages will still be protected in the UK

bridget angear quote web

Successful ads grow markets, do they? Subscription

08 Dec 2016

OK, I’ll admit it – people in advertising can sometimes believe our own hype

tales of titania

OUTDOOR Pub lunch

Insect promotions are Karoline's latest way to create Buzz

26 Apr 2015 | By Titania Touché

I am envisaging a summer of decadent lunches on a sun-drenched Mayfair terrace…

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