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President of Tesco

The Tesco leopard can change spots - but can it still hunt?

13 Dec 2014 | By Adam Leyland

There are four rules to rebates,” an ex-buyer once told me. “1. Get a rebate. 2. If you have one increase it…

EU labelling legislation

FDF publishes advice on new EU labelling rules

12 Dec 2014 | By Kevin White

A checklist to help manufacturers adapt to new EU labelling rules has been published by the Food & Drink Federation (FDF).


The big fat problem facing food & drink manufacturers

12 Dec 2014 | By David Racadio

the level of obesity in the UK over the past three decades has more than trebled…

Gavin Darby

Premier Foods' lesson in business ethics Subscription

12 Dec 2014 | By Gavin Darby

Having your business ethics challenged in the court of public opinion is never a comfortable place to be…

Joanna Blythman

The wheels are coming off the Big Food-Big Retail wagon Subscription

12 Dec 2014 | By Joanna Blythman

Symptoms of the malaise in our food system form an orderly queue these days, like black cabs at a taxi rank…


Will 2014's food & drink trends continue? Subscription

12 Dec 2014 | By Claire Nuttall

As it’s Christmas soon, I will share some key food and health themes I have witnessed and worked with in 2014…


Let’s get ready to rumble Subscription

17 Dec 2014 | By Ian Quinn

With nearly three weeks of endurance eating and drinking yet to come before we all go cold turkey…

Christmas shopping

Revealed: The Grocer’s festive faves

12 Dec 2014

Here at Grocer Towers we are starting to get pretty excited about the festive season…

Co-op 2014 Christmas ad

A convenient truth Video Subscription

11 Dec 2014 | Updated: 15 Dec 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Last year, The Co-operative Group served up a turkey of a Christmas ad.

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the saturday essay

supermarket chiller fridge

The big supermarkets need to open up and share information Subscription

05 Dec 2014 | By Franco Fubini

Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed an unprecedented shift in culture, both in business and society, towards opennes…

Booths Price Match

Investing in price is an oxymoron

29 Nov 2014

The major supermarkets continue to invest in reducing prices as they battle the growth of the discounters…

ABF grocery basket

Time for a reality check on grocery shopping trends Subscription

15 Nov 2014 | By Fraser McKevitt

Interviewed last week, former Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King spoke about his legacy…


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Third Party

Premier Foods basket 2014

How to win the multichannel commerce battle Subscription

11 Dec 2014 | By Jason Nathan

This has been the year in which multichannel commerce penetrated mainstream grocery…


Eggs is eggs in US mayonnaise legal labelling battle Subscription

05 Dec 2014 | By Michael Hatchwell

It seems impossible to find a definition of mayonnaise that does not refer to eggs as a key ingredient…

Contract signing

BRC proposes framework for voluntary regulation Subscription

29 Nov 2014

The growing focus on organisations signing up to voluntary regulation has led retailers to an important question…

tales of titania


Organic joy as Titania anticipates Premier PR 'crisis rates'

13 Dec 2014 | By Titania Touché

Those producer and manufacturer millions spent by the Organic Trade Board, which sounds all official but is only really…

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