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Jennifer Baker

Being authentic: align your values and motivation for success Subscription

24 Apr 2015 | By Jennifer Baker

Being authentic starts with being self-aware, knowing what motivates you and the clarity of your values…

tesco tills

General election reflects upheaval in grocery says Kantar Subscription

24 Apr 2015 | By Giles Quick

There are a number of parallels between the election and the grocery market

sainsburys shopping bag

Heinz-Kraft deal is symptomatic of brand portfolio upheaval Subscription

24 Apr 2015

Big brand owners are under pressure never seen before…

Rob Brown

Sugar debate is rejuvenating the soft drinks sector

24 Apr 2015 | By Rob Brown

Sugar is toxic. Or at least that’s how it’s being painted by health lobbyists and the media…

adam leyland

Which? move is not a Super Complaint. It's a Silly Whinge

24 Apr 2015 | By Adam Leyland

Some of the apparently heinous examples it cites are quite clearly mistakes…

meat roast dinner

Britain's Favourite Foods documentary: no scaremongering here Subscription

18 Apr 2015 | By Megan Tatum

this tour de force documentary made for a welcome change from all that scaremongering

Tesco Extra

Hidden Tesco story is the Extra turnaround Subscription

22 Apr 2015 | By Ian Quinn

Behind the shocking headline numbers, the “dinosaur” Extra stores are bucking the accepted industry narrative

Supermarket Price Wars

Which? thing to get angry about? We just don't know Subscription

21 Apr 2015 | By Ronan Hegarty

We’ve had superheroes, supersizing, super-injunctions and this morning we had a new one to get our heads around – the super-complaint

dough for balls web resize

Are men the future of the baking market? Subscription

20 Apr 2015 | By Amy North

Nearly half of all British men bake at least once a week, according to our exclusive research

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the saturday essay


Pre and post training: how to gain and retain an advantage Subscription

17 Apr 2015

Fifty per cent of money spent on training is wasted.” That is the finding of Dr Brent Peterson of Columbia University…

computer woman laptop research baby food online

Online ordering: why it's worth keeping up with the technology Subscription

11 Apr 2015

Accurate and timely deliveries of online orders is one of the largest drivers of customer satisfaction…

Green Giant

Kraft-Heinz merger likely to be a catalyst for consolidation Subscription

03 Apr 2015

This landmark transaction is likely to be a catalyst for much-needed consolidation to address bloated cost bases in this low-growth packaged food environment


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Third Party

GM research

Your R&D could be eligible for tax relief Subscription

18 Apr 2015

On 1 April the research and development tax relief rate increased from 225% to 230% for SMEs…

Procter and Gamble HQ

Connecting with consumers: the neuroscience of brand design Subscription

13 Apr 2015

Procter & Gamble recently hit the headlines when it revealed plans to cull non-core brands and concentrate on ‘the consumer’…

Trucks supply chain

Budget pledges boost to logistics driver training Subscription

05 Apr 2015

There has been considerable discussion around the need to attract a younger population of drivers to counteract an ageing driver population that will retire over the next 10 to 15 years

tales of titania

stallone warbutons

P&F brainstorm Stallone replacements and mull Prosecco boom

17 Apr 2015 | By Titania Touché

The conclusion in the office is that Warburtons has gone a bit over the top in recruiting Sly Stallone…

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