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TV remote control

Ken Hom shows why we all love him on Food & Drink

24 Jul 2014 | By James Halliwell

Everyone loves Ken Hom. He’s so smiley, and he cooks a mean Chinese, which is a brilliant combination…

Netto store artist's impression

Netto move by Sainsbury's is risky but astute

20 Jul 2014 | By Clive Black

Sainsbury’s decision to enter the British Limited Assortment Discount (LAD) market came as quite a surprise…

Bacon sandwich

Food Unwrapped's trip to Danish Crown puts our man off bacon

20 Jul 2014 | By James Halliwell

I love bacon. It’s so crispy and delicious. I thought nothing could put me off it……

Morrisons trolley

Morrisons Market Street move is good commercial sense

20 Jul 2014

Market Street is first and foremost a marketing initiative to attract footfall and reinforce Morrisons’ brand values…


Bananas: farmers and workers are paying the price

20 Jul 2014

The retail price of bananas has halved in the past 10 years while production costs have doubled…

Business handshake

The wholesale sector deserves more recognition

20 Jul 2014 | By Steve Parfett

Suppliers are recognising anew the importance and potential of the wholesale sector and its supply chain…

Focus On Hot Beverages

More tea, pharaoh?

23 Jul 2014 | Updated: 24 Jul 2014 | By Jon Yeomans

Pyramid tea bags are better than round, we learnt this week.

Dave Lewis

The new man in the Tesco hot seat

22 Jul 2014 | Updated: 23 Jul 2014 | By Ronan Hegarty

Much has been made of incoming Tesco CEO Dave Lewis’ lack of retail knowledge – but you don’t spend 27 years at Unilever without picking up a thing or two about retail.

Philip Clarke Tesco

Clarke bows out

22 Jul 2014 | By Ian Quinn

There could be no doubt about Philip Clarke’s passion for Tesco and his commitment to turning its fortunes around.

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tesco tills

Front-line staff are precious assets Subscription

21 Jun 2014 | By Rob Collins

Next week BBC2 airs its new documentary Shopgirls, charting the rise of women in retail…

Pouring Coca Cola

Why Coke is launching Coca-Cola Life

14 Jun 2014 | By Nick Canney

An increasingly technologically driven world has resulted in some of the biggest shifts in fmcg ever…


The first World Cup for women too!

07 Jun 2014 | By Sam Ellison

Only days to go until Fifa 2014 begins and excitement is reaching fever pitch…


What will the new organic report, which says organic food is healthier, do for sales?

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Third Party

Asda Chicken pie

Acid Test relaunched with Fast Foodfax consumer feedback

11 Jul 2014 | By Paul Beresford

This week marks the return of Acid Test, The Grocer’s weekly product testing feature, and it couldn’t come at a better tim…


How to bring 'zombie brands' back to life Subscription

28 Jun 2014 | By Mark Artus

In the past few weeks, the press has been full of news regarding failing companies and failing brands…

EU labelling legislation

Why producers need to be ready for the new labelling legislation Subscription

21 Jun 2014 | By Llior Radford

The changes to food labelling that come into force in December are to be welcomed if they improve customer confidence…

tales of titania


Pasta sauce confusion as Titania reveals her Scottish roots

13 Jul 2014 | By Titania Touché

Mummy was addicted to Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers during pregnancy…

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