Ukip popcorn

Ukip gets the party started with popcorn

21 Feb 2015

Beer-loving smoking-in-pubs enthusiast Nigel Farage has been rallying his Ukip troops at a party conference…

Liverpool and Nivea join forces

P&F limbers up for awards season as their value becomes clear

20 Feb 2015 | By Titania Touché

Having ignored industry awards for years “because the judges don’t understand our sort of PR darling”…


Sweet science nose the answer to confectionery query

20 Feb 2015

There’s nothing like shoving sweets up your nose to pass the time…

Tales of Titania


Satfat myth busted as Titania enjoys Valentine's Day

13 Feb 2015 | By Titania Touché

Arriving at the office early, I’m astonished to see Karoline (with a K), ploughing her way through a large platter…


Organic joy as Titania anticipates Premier PR 'crisis rates'

13 Dec 2014 | By Titania Touché

Those producer and manufacturer millions spent by the Organic Trade Board, which sounds all official but is only really…


P&F plans a Co-op Christmas campaign; Titania stocks up on VO5

06 Dec 2014 | By Titania Touché

I may have mentioned Daddy’s deep loathing of “pinko shopkeepers,” and in particular The Co-op Group…


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ad of the week

carlsberg ad of the week

Carlsberg takes its dimwit blokes to the supermarket

20 Feb 2015 | By Mark Dishman

With ‘probably the best beer in the world’, Carlsberg has a winning slogan, etched into the national vernacular…

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