Compulsory labels are a must for GM feed products

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Sir: It’s a great concern that Owen Paterson dismisses the potential health risks of GM crops on the basis that consumers have already been exposed to GM through animal feeds (‘Defra minister shows support for GM’,, 10 December).

This doesn’t mean there are no risks, only that the government’s opposition to clear labelling of GM foods has deflected more widespread consumer criticism and understanding. A recent British Science Association survey showed that the number of people saying GM food “should be encouraged” dropped from 46% in 2002 to 27% in 2012.

The “real environmental benefits” of GM the minister refers to are mystifying. The government’s own experiment showed that overall GM crops were worse for British wildlife. And US government figures show that pesticide use has increased since GM crops have been grown there.

Consumers have the right to know how their food has been produced, and we call on the minister to immediately introduce compulsory labelling. The resistance raises the question: what is the GM industry afraid of?

Rob Sexton, CEO Soil Association Certification

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  • Having completed as much research as possible into GMO it amazes and horrifies me that no objective research has been allowed into the long term effects of genetic modification, the little testing done on animals has not been positive or encouraging at all, to assume that we humans with a much longer life span will not be effected is arrogance in the extreme, take a look at the huge growth in allergies which coincide with the introduction of GMO, coincidence?
    Big agriculture and big pharma tell us it is about bigger and better yield with less disease etc, the truth is more about their profits.

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  • For those who wish to know more about the 10 years xperience of using unlabelled GMO's in the US - both for humans AND livestock, please watch the excellent independent documentary released several months ago:

    This was free to air for the first month, now a minimal payment of $2.95 is required to view. This payment is worth many, many times more to those of us who care about our health and the health of our livestock, pets, animals and the soil quality, which is also impacted through GMO use.

    (see: for articles on soil integrity being compromised)

    I urge everyone to start doing more of their own research. There is so much independent research/data available on the web regarding independent long term trials. We cannot rely on governments to look after our interests.

    I believe we need to start educating ourselves further, so we can protect our future and not repeat the disastrous US experience, which is not being shared in any mainstream media!

    The movie, is an excellent place to start.

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