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Marston's show has One Ale of a Job to keep viewers interested

30 Aug 2014 | By James Halliwell

“We like to think of ourselves as the fourth emergency service,” said two cheery Marston’s drivers…

Sainsbury's tottenham

Sainsbury's kosher row: don't scapegoat frontline staff

23 Aug 2014 | By Ian Quinn

Sainsbury’s kosher goods row: store managers are innocent parties and should not be made into scapegoats…

Focus on bacon and sausages

Michael Mosley's blood pressure teaches us a valuable lesson

20 Aug 2014 | By James Halliwell

Guess what, bacon fans? Two rashers a day will knock two years off your life, according to Should I Eat Meat?…

Sweets confectionery

Sweets Made Simple: not healthy, but delicious TV

16 Aug 2014 | By James Halliwell

Unless you reject delicious things, you risk missing out on the ultimate prize – a place in a care home!…

Ice cream app

Keeping track of Mr Freeze with the ice cream van app

30 Aug 2014

In this day and age, simply waiting for an ice cream van to turn up feels a bit… 20th century….


Pastafarian Obi Canuel is photo crazy

30 Aug 2014

Some people – like Obi Canuel – really like pasta…

bug burger

Pestaurant: Rentokil serves up menu of the future

30 Aug 2014

We’re frequently told that a ballooning global population will only be able to feed itself by tucking into insects…


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nicorette ad

E-cigarettes pose threat to pharmaceutical companies

30 Aug 2014

For a long time now, the media has consistently written reports on “the so-called effectiveness of e-cigarettes”


Alpro dedication hailed

30 Aug 2014

Alpro’s decision not to combine the manufacture of its nut and their soya milks on one line is very good news…

smoking in a blue room

NRT smoke and mirrors

30 Aug 2014

 I would like to take issue with the attack on e-cigarettes by Nicorette…



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