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Food waste

An inward approach won't deliver progress on food waste

13 Jan 2017 | By Megan Tatum

For some, the voluntary pledge to cut food waste lacks teeth or ambition and misses out vast swathes of industry

farm care dig grow

Sugar Free Farm: a vacuous, petty health debate metaphor Subscription

12 Jan 2017 | By James Halliwell

La La Land is massive right now. As it’s a musical you’d think they’d have found a part for Stavros Flatley

amazon prime drone

Unlike drones, Amazon's tent dwellers can work in bad weather Subscription

16 Dec 2016 | By Emma Weinbren

Amazon is a hi-tech Santa but behind the scenes it’s Dickensian

iqos electronic cigarette

Philip Morris isn't giving up the fags just yet. But it's working on it Subscription

02 Dec 2016 | By Ronan Hegarty

We thought Mars telling consumers to eat less Dolmio sauce was a bold strategy but that‘s nothing on André Calantzopoulos

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tuna one use

Top-end tuna brings in the new year yen

12 Jan 2017

Here’s a Japanese restaurateur misunderstanding the ‘using arms to boast about fish size’ gesture

friends in pub drinking beer

Revealed! Pubs make us happy

12 Jan 2017

It was good to have our suspicions confirmed this week by an Oxford University study


Oranges are the new... atomiser

12 Jan 2017

When the fruits’ oil glands are squeezed they can spray droplets as fast as 23mph


As the results flood in, who do you think won Christmas?

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alpro growing up

Soya is great for infants

12 Jan 2017

Sir; In the UK, soya products have been part of toddler nutrition for almost a century

predictions 2017

The year things will get really nasty

12 Jan 2017

Sir; What do I predict will make our revered CEOs kick their teddies round the office this year?

Amazon Go

Amazon will place its own labels at centre of strategy Subscription

16 Dec 2016 | By Julia Glotz

Sir, Amazon Go represents another example of it removing friction from the shopping process and continuously innovating



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