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TV remote control

Shopgirls had a tad too much of the red light slur about it Subscription

28 Jun 2014 | By James Halliwell

BBC2’s Shopgirls: The True Story of Life Behind the Counter had a tad too much of the red light slur about it…

Netto Denmark

Sainsbury's rivals must be kicking themselves about Netto deal

28 Jun 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Dansk Supermarked and Sainsbury’s plan to bring Netto back to the UK has impressed analysts…

TV remote control

Breadline Kids - a colossal and impractical wreck?

14 Jun 2014 | By Ian Quinn

One industry figure said this week that tackling food poverty is a bit like eating an elephant…

Jamie Oliver

Jamie's Money Saving Meals: eminently watchable

07 Jun 2014 | By Liz Hamson

He may be heavier of jowl, gruffer of voice… quiffier of hair, but Jamie Oliver still knows how to give good food TV…

snake venom beer fangs

Snake Venom is world's strongest beer: anyone fangs-y one?

12 Jul 2014

BrewDog’s campaign to get the World Cup to Scotland might prove a little public for Fifa’s tastes…

BrewDog hamper of beer

BrewDog bribes Blatter to bring the World Cup to Scotland

12 Jul 2014

With all the fuss about the allegedly dodgy 2022 Qatar jamboree, the pseudo-punks at BrewDog have spotted an opportunity…


'Murrisons' Wimbledon gets behind Andy Murray

28 Jun 2014

The Morrisons store in Wimbledon is getting into the sporty spirit, revealing a temporary ‘Murrisons’ fascia…


What will the new organic report, which says organic food is healthier, do for sales?

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Sugar Cane Commodities

Misleading sugar messages are not in public interest

12 Jul 2014

Sir: Action on Sugar member Robert Lustig seems to have failed to read SACN’s recent draft carbohydrate scientific review…

Cheerfull Gold apples

Fresh fruit is not fresh

05 Jul 2014

I have been unable to buy a crispy, fresh apple…

Food label system

Devil in the regs’ details

05 Jul 2014

I read with interest the story ‘Bidvest 3663 sounds alert over label regs,’…



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