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Jamie Oliver

School Dinners Progress Report gets full marks Subscription

26 Apr 2015 | By James Halliwell

Apologies if this makes you feel old, but Jamie Oliver’s School Dinners campaign was 10 years ago…

meat roast dinner

Britain's Favourite Foods documentary: no scaremongering here Subscription

18 Apr 2015 | By Megan Tatum

this tour de force documentary made for a welcome change from all that scaremongering

Ian Quinn

Dave's Big Six a far harder sell than Leahy's Steering Wheel

17 Apr 2015 | By Ian Quinn

Dave Lewis has faced many challenges since he took the wheel at Tesco, so we shouldn’t be surprised he’s re-inventing it…


Back in Time for Dinner: fun, but culturally relevant too Subscription

10 Apr 2015 | By James Halliwell

The BBC is much maligned, but it remains capable of delivering excellent TV…

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girl eating soup

Cup or mug: the great soup debate

25 Apr 2015 | By James Halliwell

Heinz claims thousands of soup fans have downed spoons to thrash out whether Brits make soup in a mug or a cup

pippa middleton

Pippa Middleton pops out for a smoked whale snack

25 Apr 2015

Socialite/party planner Pippa Middleton has turned hack, turning in a Telegraph travel piece from a Norwegian ski resort…

cheese emoji

Cheese emoji campaign gets serious help... from Tesco

25 Apr 2015

Remarkably, the originator of the petition isn’t some ‘zany’ student: it’s… Tesco, cheerily spreading the message with a series of tired cheese puns


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sainsbury's large store

Just 700k then…

26 Apr 2015

The numbers, to an educated consumer, seem small. Compare them to the CEO’s salary.

tesco ireland

Tesco was not listening to its shoppers

26 Apr 2015

Tesco’s downfall offers a lesson to everyone in branding, marketing and design…

computer woman laptop research baby food online

Beat fraud, boost appeal

26 Apr 2015

It is a holy grail that represents an opportunity to gain shopper loyalty for the grocery retailer that can produce a solution



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