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About this webinar

Join The Grocer’s free video waste webinar!

Wrap figures show an overwhelming 89% of food wasted by the industry happens at the manufacturing end.

• How, where and why is this food waste occurring among UK manufacturers?

• What are the solutions?

• Have manufacturers become apathetic?

• What role should retailers play in preventing waste before it hits supermarket shelves?

The Grocer’s first ever video webinar is your chance to learn from and ask questions to leading food waste experts.


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Adam Leyland

Editor, The Grocer 


Charlotte Carroll

Director of sustainable business and communications for Unilever UK & Ireland 

Charlotte has been director of sustainable business and communications for Unilever UK & Ireland since 2012 and this includes supporting the business to achieve the ambitious targets outlined in the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. Charlotte has a keen passion for tackling food waste and believes in working collaboratively with a range of partners to create lasting change. She has made it a top priority for the business throughout her time in the role and this was underlined in 2016 with the launch of the Joint Ambition for a Zero Food Waste Britain, in partnership with Hubbub.


Mark Little

Head of food sustainability, sourcing and waste policy, Tesco 

Mark is responsible for leading the development and communication of Tesco’s farm to fork food waste reduction programme. As well as tackling food waste in Tesco stores and distribution centres, this involves working in partnership with producers and suppliers to address supply chain waste and helping customers to reduce waste in their homes. Mark is also responsible for the implementation of food surplus donations across Tesco’s central European and Asian markets and supporting the rollout of Community Food Connection in the UK. Mark previously led Tesco’s supply chain carbon reduction programme and, prior to joining Tesco, worked as an environmental consultant, specialising in lifecycle assessment.


Tom Rumboll

Commercial director, Company Shop

Tom is responsible for Company Shop’s strategic growth and since arriving at its Tankersley headquarters, he has broadened and deepened the client base of the company. His role includes driving the membership of the four stores, developing and nurturing relationships with retailers, manufacturers and brands and expanding Company Shop’s national footprint. As commercial director, Tom is always looking for new ways that Company Shop can add value for its clients and unlock more surplus from the supply chain for redistribution. With more stock and more members, Company Shop has been able to open more stores across the country. Company Shop Middleton opened in Greater Manchester in November 2015 and has gone from strength to strength, with Tom’s team helping to recruit more than 11,000 members to date.


Lindsay Boswell

CEO, FareShare 

Lindsay is passionate about fighting hunger and food waste in the UK. As chief executive of FareShare, he provides leadership and direction to a network of like-minded organisations across the UK. Since joining FareShare in 2010, Lindsay has led and supported an amazing team that has more than doubled the number of charitable organisations it supports in the past two years alone. He has 25 years senior management experience in the voluntary sector. Previously he was chief executive of the Institute of Fundraising, where he doubled income and membership and established the Fundraising Standards Board as a global leader in self regulation. During his time at Raleigh International he led its expeditions in Chile, Borneo and across Southern Africa.