Sir; I have sympathy for P Williams (Letters, Sept 29) ­ the problem of low bread stocks in stores also exists for independents. Not so many years ago I had four major plant bakers to choose from ­ now there are none, but I receive a supply through a wholesaler. Through them I order Allied products 24 hours in advance for major lines and 48 hours ahead for other lines and morning goods. Many products are not available or late and my breadshelves, which previously I could keep stocked satisfactorily right through the day, look pitifully empty for much of that time. So Mr/Mrs Williams, I am sorry you were not able to have a choice of bread, but for once I expect independents will be in agreement with the multiples over this one. The message to the plant bakers is: get your act together, do not concern yourselves with better deals or more lines ­ just deliver. Barry Allan Mace store, Brean, Somerset {{LETTERS }}