Coca-Cola GB has axed one of its new TV ads for Coke Zero weeks after its first airing, after complaints about the term 'psycho'.

The ten-second creative was shown in the evenings as an add-on to a longer advert for the newly launched brand, in which men discuss how good it would be if everything in life had no drawbacks. The offending scene showed men talking about the potential drawbacks of going on a blind date.

The company defended the tongue-in-cheek ads, saying that they build on insights that males aged between 20 and 29 - the target audience - can relate to. However, it said it had removed the creative with no change to the main ad.

A spokesman said: "Coca-Cola GB apologises for any offence caused. Mental health is a sensitive issue and we appreciate that this advertising execution may offend some people."

The Advertising Standards Authority said it had received eight complaints about the campaign.