The long running battle to rebuild German wine sales continues with a generic £250,000 advertising campaign breaking in May. This is a reworking of last year's press/poster initiative and will carry the same strapline If you think you know German wine drink again'. The campaign is part of a new strategy from Germany, Charter 2005, which defines a long-term plan for the UK. The country's share of the market has been declining consistently in the last decade. Last year its volume and value shares went up, but at a much slower rate than the overall market's. The German Wine Institute's aim is to encourage better quality wines for the UK. The majority sell in this country at under £3. The average price is £2.60. A spokeswoman for the UK's German Wine Information Service said: "The current drinker of German wine is someone who doesn't drink often and does not know much about wine. Those who have rejected Germany are the regular big volume drinkers." The Germans are convinced they have the wines that can compete but this is the latest in a long line of reappraisals which began at the end of the 1980s when their market share started slipping. The most radical of these was in 1996 when a raft of new dry styles and single varietals was introduced. {{DRINKS }}