Kaya Wines International is launching its South African wine brand in the UK to cash in on the popularity of the New World.

The range, in the £6 to £7 price bracket, comprises five wines, each a blend of one of two native South African grapes - Pinotage and Chenin - and a classic international variety.

The white wine is a Chenin Chardonnay blend, with the reds consisting of a Pinotage/Shiraz, a Pinotage/ Merlot and a Pinotage/Cabernet Sauvignon. A Pinotage rosé completes the line. Each bottle is expected to retail at £5.99.

Kaya, which has a cheetah brand logo, sponsors the Cheetah Outreach Foundation in the wine-growing region of Stellenbosch.

"Kaya is helping ensure that terroir and nature remain sensitively balanced," said marketing manager Frank Sahler.

Kaya Wines International is a joint venture between German wine producer Langguth Erben and South African producer Overhex Wines International.