Health-conscious consumers who want the benefits of muesli in a lighter format are the target for a new product from breakfast cereals producer Jordans.

Light & Crispy Muesli has a lighter, crisper texture compared with traditional lines and is aimed at broadening muesli's appeal. Marketing controller Carol Flint said: "People like the idea of eating muesli for its taste and nutrition benefits, but sometimes find the texture hard going. We use natural kibbled grain in our multigrain flakes, which means we can provide the benefits of wholegrain muesli with a lighter, ­crisper texture."

In store from this month, priced at £1.98 for 500g, the newcomer contains oats, barley, wheat, fruits and nuts mixed with multigrain toasted flakes. It will get support as part of Jordans' £4m marketing programme this year. The company says that its wholegrain muesli products are growing by more than 26% year-on-year, with household penetration up by 20%.