Sir; Isn't a main aim of a "brand" to form an association in the mind of the customer with the product itself or the supermarket chain where it is purchased? The generic milk campaign in the US is Got Milk?' This healthy lifestyle message is splashed out in secondary schools across the states by very sexy black vending machines, full of flavoured fresh milk covered in Got milk?' imagery complete with hunky athletes decorating the refrigerated cabinets. Very tasty! A huge UK market is going begging. Why aren't the big supermarkets blasting their brand logos all over healthy eating vending machines in our secondary schools? Why are the multiples seemingly allowing carbonated drinks manufacturers to have a free hand in such a massive undeveloped market? Surely, the first rule of marketing is ­ catch em young. Wouldn't it be great to see for example, Asda's healthy eating own brand shouting out from Asda sponsored vending machines in secondary schools, or Sainbury's Parrot brand fluttering through school fridges, or Tesco slapping its blue and white stripes all over glass fronted school milk fridges full of blue and white striped milk cartons? That would give the CSD guys a real run for their money ­ or rather a run for an oversized slice of the vast dinner money market. Gillian Simmons Policy Officer Milk For Schools, Stafford {{LETTERS }}