Children are being given an easier way to boost their intake of Omega-3 thanks to its inclusion in a newly ­created cereal bar brand.

Called Oat 3ars, the bars have been developed under the Oatrition brand, a joint venture between the Handmade Bakery Group and Omega-3 consultancy Market Intelligence. They will be going into c-stores in the next couple of months at an rsp of £2.19 for five, with a launch in the mul­tiples planned for October.

Mike Levaggi, MD at the Handmade Bakery Group, said: "Companies such as Müller are already including Omega-3 in yoghurts and we thought it was time to address the cereal bar sector, which people are turning to for a healthy replacement to chocolate."

Available in blueberry & yoghurt, apricot & raisin, chocolate & hazelnut and apple & blackberry, the bars contain a quarter of the RDA for long-chain Omega-3 but do not sacrifice taste, said Levaggi. "Oatrition delivers on taste," he said.