Tesco, with its supplier Emmett UK, is planning a major push this summer promoting British spinach. 

There will be half price promotional activity on three lines of washed and ready to cook spinach.

Tesco will be driving the message that spinach is high in calcium, vitamins and minerals and is also very good for the teeth and healthy skin.

Sales of spinach at Tesco have grown at more than 25% per year for the last three years, as a result of improved quality, constant availability and stable pricing.

The British spinach season runs from May until October, with the majority of Tesco's British spinach grown in Nottinghamshire.

Colin Bailey, MD of Emmett UK, said: "A lot more people now appreciate the versatility and health benefits of spinach. The year-round appeal of spinach means there is a continuous opportunity to delight the consumer whether they enjoy it raw or cooked."