Sir; Alldays' move to make availability of bread and milk a priority in order to encourage loyalty sounds like a good idea, but my experience suggests that it is only scratching the surface of the problem (The Grocer, April 27, p10). After a day out on Sunday we had in the house nothing for dinner so I immediately thought of Alldays in Hurstpierpoint as it is the only shop for miles that is open on a Sunday evening, and, of course, the company had just made this pledge. My requirements were fairly modest, a few potatoes and vegetables to go with the meal, but I came away feeling not loyalty but resentment. The store doesn't sell a single item of fresh produce and so, of course, it could not provide anything that I wanted, or even a credible alternative. Alldays, and the other stores that are implementing bread and milk pledges, should be careful about raising false hopes. If they are going to promote themselves as a credible source of top up and distress purchases, then they are going to need a lot more than just bread and milk in stock to satisfy their customers. E Rowling Ditchling Sussex {{LETTERS }}