Estonia is looking to steal share of the UK's thriving premium imported beer market with Viru.

The brand, launched by importer Global Brands, comes from the 199-year-old A Le Coq brewery in Tartu, which reportedly supplied beer to the Red and Imperial Armies of Russia in the last century.

Viru is presented in an octahedral bottle based on a century-old Russian design, inspired by the medieval turrets of Estonia.

Global Brands recently announced plans to grow its beer division. It acquired distribution rights for the Chinese beer brand Tsingtao earlier this year, and appointed John Harley, former chairman of Budvar UK, as its beer brands director in March. Harley is also continuing as chairman of the National Organisation for Imported Beers. He said: "Viru is unique, not only aesthetically, but in terms of drinkability. It combines richness of flavour associated with Central and Eastern European beers, but within a light and refreshing Pilsener style."