Sales: £214.7m Growth: +12.8%

Britain’s biggest blended Scotch is once again its cheapest - as far as the top 100 is concerned - after average price dipped 1.7% to £17.73/litre.

It’s not all about piling high and selling cheap, though. Grouse sponsored the 2014 Commonwealth Games and followed it with a £1.1m sponsorship deal with Channel 4 in November. It also launched a website allowing users to customise bottles of Grouse.

Famous Grouse added most to the £24.4m growth, while Black Grouse fell 17.2%. Premium Naked Grouse is up 21.6%.

“Maxxium UK will commit significant investment to the brand in 2015/16 to differentiate it,” says a spokeswoman.

Plans for 2015 include tapping the trend for smaller bottles with four-pack cases of 35cl and 20cl bottles.