What has been the defining moment of your career?
When I left Spar. Basically, I was indoctrinated with a company and a brand and never thought there was anything outside it - so to step out of that and go into the unknown was a bit like jumping off a cliff.

What has been the key moment in grocery history?
The introduction of self-service and the development of the supermarkets.

What’s been the most influential product launch over the past 150 years?
From a housewife’s point of view it would have to be a soap powder like Ariel, which changed the way people lived. The other big change would be chilled food. I still remember when Ski yoghurt was launched. It was one of the biggest things that ever happened.

How important a tool has The Grocer been to your career?
The first time I met Tony de Angeli, he asked me what I thought of The Grocer and I told him I never read it. He asked me why not, and I told him it was a magazine for the multiples and people looking for a new job - in those days they never reported on the indies and the symbols.

But it’s changed - now it’s a good magazine with a broad overview of everything.