Joined the Danish Bacon Company in 1955 and served as associate director, managing director and joint chairman before his retirement

What has been the defining moment of your career?
My five years with the New Zealand Meat Producers Board, because it gave me access to a much wider audience than the English market - despite the English market being the most important to New Zealand.

What has been the key moment for the grocery industry?
The challenge of finding the customers for the producers’ commodities - having watched the whole trade change from a commodity trade to a pre-pack trade dominated by the mults.

What has been the most influential product launch over the last 150 years?
Danish bacon and New Zealand lamb - that’s been my life.

How important a tool has The Grocer been to your career?
I read The Grocer every week for the market reports and to see what else was going on. It’s been very useful - it was the bible, really.