A £1.5m advertising drive is intended to dispel the myth that pork is a fatty, unhealthy meat.
The campaign - which will gobble up more than a quarter of the British Pig Executive’s annual marketing budget - will inform consumers that lean pork is 96% fat free.
Some £500,000 worth of advertisements have started to appear over six weeks in monthly women’s magazines and Sunday supplements and on poster sites around the UK. They will carry the new Quality British Pork mark, which was approved by the EU in August.
The symbol itself will be
explained in a dedicated £500,000 consumer press ad campaign in the New Year. This drive will be complemented by a repeat of the earlier low-fat campaign, again run at a cost of half a million pounds.
BPEX marketing manager Chris Lukehurst said: “In the past we have promoted pork as convenient food option. But the time is right now to focus on its healthy qualities.”