The Kronenbourg name is being extended to a new speciality beer aimed at the “discerning” drinker and launched exclusively to the off-trade.

Kronenbourg Premier Cru is slow-brewed to 6% abv for a more complex taste which Scottish Courage believes will set it apart as an indulgent treat.

Premier Cru will be supported by an above-the-line press campaign from July. The beer will initially be sold in Thresher and Booker from June, priced at £1.99 for a 500ml bottle.

A number of on-trade specific initiatives for Kronenbourg are also planned.

Customer marketing director at Scottish Courage Brands Paul Stanger said: “There is an opportunity to take beer further into the treat occasion and introduce speciality beer to a wider audience.

“Consumers are seeking to express their discernment through their choice of drink. Premier Cru can capitalise on this while the Kronenbourg name reassures consumers who are less familiar with speciality brands.”