Cadbury is continuing the move to give its classic Dairy Milk a packaging makeover for the 21st century. The confectionery company ditched traditional foil and paper packs for flow wrapping on its 49g countline size bars two years ago. Now it is extending the move to 200g versions of the enduring favourite. Cadbury said it decided on the move after watching sales for the 49g version grow by more than a third in the first 12 months after relaunch [Information Resources MAT]. It claimed consumer research also showed how the flow wrapping was more eye catching on shelf and gave the brand a more modern feel, as well as keeping it fresher for longer. The relaunch of the 200g bars, which arrive on shelves next week, also includes a flow wrapping overhaul for the Fruit & Nut, Whole Nut, Dairy Milk Orange and Bournville lines. Rsp for the £79m range will be £1.17 each after a promotional price cut to 99p in independents and a 50% extra free version in supermarkets. {{MARKETING - P&P }}