Alcohol misuse is costing the Scottish economy £3.56bn – equivalent to £900 per adult – according to new figures released by the Scottish government.

The results form part of an independent study that also examined the impact of excessive drinking on the NHS, police, social services and families.

The findings come as the Scots government attempts to rally support for its controversial Alcohol Bill, which included plans to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol. That looks unlikely to take effect, however, after Labours MSPs last year refused to back the measure.

“The Alcohol Bill includes a package of evidence-based measures to get to grips with this issue, including minimum pricing to combat the dirt-cheap ciders, lagers and low-grade spirits favoured by problem drinkers,” said Scots health secretary Nicola Sturgeon.

“I call on all MSPs to do the right thing and support the measures in the Alcohol Bill.”