Northern Foods claims its Goodfella's business will dethrone rival Chicago Town as the UK's biggest frozen pizza brand next year, ­following a relaunch to ­reclaim its original family appeal.

Goodfella's has struggled to keep up with Dr Oetker-owned Chicago Town, and last year sales of its core Deeply Delish range plummeted 17% to £34.5m [IRI 52w/e 23 January 2010].

Kevan Mallinder, head of marketing, admitted that the pizza business had "been really quiet over the past 12 months" but explained it had been working on increasing distribution, improving recipes and packaging ahead of the relaunch, which kicked off this week with revamped products hitting shelves.

"While Chicago Town tells of an American fast-food chain, we will be telling of an authentic Italian family pizzeria," said Mallinder. "Chicago Town has been growing share but we are ready to go back to our roots and return to the family appeal that was a feature of the brand when it launched in the 1990s. We will be number one pizza brand next year without a shadow of a doubt."