There’s nothing us Brits like more than a weather-related news story (stories about fat-cat politicians who indulge in the odd bit of house-flipping aside).

Three weeks ago, the press went wild over rumoured shortages of flowers and exotic fruits caused by the volcanic ash cloud blocking air-freighted imports.

This week, we reveal that the Jersey Royal potato crop - the arrival of which in supermarkets is considered to kick off the British summer - has been hit by the worst drought in more than 30 years.

It underscores once more the fragility of the fresh produce supply chain and highlights the dangers as far as retailers are concerned of putting all your promotional eggs in one basket. Jersey Royals are, after all, one of the most heavily promoted lines going.

It also shows retailers can beat each other up over all sorts of products, from beer to household items, but when it comes to fruit and veg, even the mightiest are vulnerable to the vagaries of the weather and not just the good old British sort.

The question is, where will they focus their promotional efforts now?