Tyrrells targets ‘big six’ to send export sales soaring

It's time to add Tyrrells to the list of great British exports.

International sales of the premium crisps rocketed 50% over 2010 following an analysis of the 'big six' export markets that identified the greatest opportunities in the coming three years France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Scandinavia and North America. Tyrrells took into account distribution, routes to market and competitors and developed a strategy for each market.

Particularly notable was its success in France, where Tyrrells has effectively created a premium hand-cooked crisps category. Brand value in France grew from £2.5m to £6m and Tyrrells' distribution in Paris is now higher than in London. The company has ranked the other 20 countries it sells to form the basis for the next 'big six'.

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