Everyone’s getting hot under the collar about oil at the moment. Palm oil that is.

First the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil launched a new logo that producers can use to show they only use ‘sustainable’ oil (instead of the bad stuff made by orang-utan murdering Malaysians) in their goods.

Then Green MEP Caroline Lucas kicked off, deriding the move as nothing more than a “fig leaf for the industry” and claiming that many RSPO members are anything but sustainable. Friends of the Earth agrees, claiming Sime Darby - the world’s largest ‘sustainable’ oil supplier – is driving deforestation.

That’s “misinformation” claimed Alexander van der Klauw, boss of Sime Darby’s European division, at a recent meeting with The Grocer. However, not all NGOs are in his bad books. He said Greenpeace’s infamous severed orang-utan finger viral against Kit Kat was “very smart”.

Then again, he would say that. The Greenpeace campaign forced Nestle to ditch former palm oil supplier Sinar Mas – one of Sime Darby’s key competitors – and pledge to only use the ‘good’ stuff (i.e that which has been given the thumbs up by the RSPO) in future.

No prizes for guessing who supplies Nestlé now.