Tesco has been fined £7,901 after fresh produce inspectors found the retailer selling rotten peaches in a Tesco Extra store in Essex.

Inspectors from the Rural Payments Agency's horticulture marketing ­inspectorate found the store in Harold Wood, Romford, selling rotten and bruised peaches, and also identified labelling defects on grapes, tomatoes and oranges. Tesco was fined £2,350, £1,876, £2,000 and £1,675 respectively for the offences, at Havering Magistrates Court on 23 June. Tesco was also ordered to pay £16,401 of costs to the prosecution.

Tesco said it was an isolated incident and that ­"appropriate staff training has taken place at the store to avoid any repeat".

The RPA carried out 17 enforcement visits and inspections at the store between May 2007 and June 2010. On 12 of those visits, the RPA was dissatisfied with aspects of the store.