Morrisons is highlighting the climax of the British fruit and veg season with British Bounty Day, an in-store campaign to draw shoppers' attention to British seasonal produce.

The retailer said a survey of its network of fruit and veg suppliers had identified Thursday 25 August as this year's "most bountiful day" for British produce, with 13 million pieces of fruit and veg on Morrisons shelves across the country.

On the day, Morrisons had 146 lines of British fruit and veg available, with promotions running on key produce. "As buying British becomes increasingly important to shoppers, we've increased our volumes of British seasonal fresh goods," said head of agriculture Louise Welsh.

Nigel Jenney of the Fresh Produce Consortium, welcomed British Bounty Day, saying "any initiative by a major retailer to showcase the best fresh produce of the season" was positive.