Carling kit pack

Sales: £326.7m Growth: -6.7%

While sales are down, the retail price of Carling has not fallen as sharply as that of some mainstream lagers. Describing low pricing levels since the World Cup as ‘unprecedented’, owner Molson Coors is looking to energise the category in other ways.

To this end, the brand has continued its partnership with Now TV - giving shoppers a day pass to the service - and this month kicked off an on-pack offer giving shoppers a voucher to get £10 off official football shirts at In contrast to Carling lager, the price of Carling cider has crashed as it moves from single bottles into cans and multipacks in a bid to challenge Strongbow.

Carling Zest is in decline, and Molson Coors admits work is needed to drive awareness around low-abv beer.