Sales: £426.1m (+1.5%)

Standard instant coffee looks a bit passé these days, what with the rise of pod coffee and premium wholebean instant.

Just look at the growth in Nescafé Azera, up 51.3% to £30.5m, and Nescafé Dulce Gusto pods, up 51.7% to £46.4m, for proof of how Brits are looking to create that café experience at home.

For that, they’ll pay. A pack of 16 Dulce Gusto espresso pods currently sells in Tesco for £3.75. That’s 23p a cup, versus the 3p or so drinkers will pay for standard Nescafé, if they buy 300g for a fiver.

Standard Nescafé and Gold Blend, which for the first time account for less than half of total sales (46.2%, down from 52.3% last year), are in steep decline, having lost £22.6m between them.