Overproduction of pink causes anxiety With most of the pre-Christmas red salmon promotions finalised, importers are turning their attentions to the four million cases plus of pinks which the North American industry possesses after a near record catch. Sources in Seattle confirm there is some anxiety among the banks about the viability of an industry vulnerable to overproduction. One importer told The Grocer: "At least pinks can be sold throughout the world markets, whereas reds are peculiar to the UK and North America. There are dozens of countries that could double their offtake." In this market, the focus is likely to be on multipacks rather than single can promotions. Two cans of 213g for under £1 seems likely, whereas an EDLP of 49p for a single can won't move the same volume over a period. Some retailers cite the EDLP route as useful in PR terms, but quickly losing impact as consumers take the price for granted. Bearing in mind canners only paid 15 cents/lb for Alaskan pinks this year, it is unlikely prices will ever be lower. Fishermen have had their worst season ever and some have been unable to maintain loan payments on new vessels. Long gone are the days when fishing licences changed hands for thousands of dollars and fortunes were made over a few weeks. This uncertainty gives cause for concern among UK importers, who have invested heavily in promoting their brands. {{CANNED GOODS }}