Sales: £400.6m +8.5%

With £31.4m in extra sales Pepsi enjoyed the highest growth in this year’s list. Even sweeter for Pepsi is that all major variants are in growth, regardless of sugar content.

Standard Pepsi is up £6.5m; Diet is up £4.8m; Max is up £19.2m and now makes up 50.2% of sales. “We’ve capitalised on Max’s ‘maximum taste, no sugar’ positioning,” says Britvic commercial director Ian Forshew. “We’ve done that by launching unbelievable stunts with huge viral popularity. The Pepsi Max YouTube channel is now the UK’s biggest fmcg channel.”

Slick videos are only part of the story. Average price is down 1.9% and Pepsi’s 600ml impulse bottles offer savings on Coke’s 500ml and 375ml formats for the price-sensitive.