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Sales: £433.5m (+2.1%)

Want more proof of the fundamental shifts going on in soft drinks? You’ve found it.

Almost all of Lucozade’s £9m growth has come from Zero, sugar-free orange and pink lemonade lines that have hit £22.3m since launch last May. Sport is also up, by 0.7% to £102.4m. Energy is down £10.8m, or 3.5%, to £301.1m.

Price has been a factor, with packs selling for an average of 1.1% less than in 2015. Commercial marketing director Mark Sterratt says big marketing spend, particularly on Zero, has also been crucial.

More change is afoot, he adds: “Rolling out this summer, all our drinks will have less than 4.5g of sugar/100ml and every brand will be available in zero or low-calorie alternatives.”