99p Stores has said its newest fascia Euro 50 is performing well, 12 months after it launched its first store in Dublin.

The discounter has since opened two further stores under the fascia.

“Sales are quite buoyant, they are much the same as in the UK,” said 99p Stores co-founder Hussein Lalani. “We have one city centre store in Dublin that trades the same as our busy city centre stores in the UK.”

Despite operating outside the UK, the logistic side fo the operation was running smoothly, Lalani insisted.

“We buy in some special stock for the Irish stores but it’s mainly the same lines, and logistically its quite straightforward,” he said. “One of our drivers already picks up loads from Ireland, so we send our range with him and he collects his load from Ireland and brings it back. It’s working quite easily.”

However, Lalani ruled out 99p Stores heading into any new territory for the time being. “At the moment, we aren’t looking at any new countries,” he said. “I would never discount the prospect of going anywhere else, but when the time is right we will start looking at that opportunity.”