Latina Brands is continuing its quest to bring Latin American menus to UK dining tables by adding two new variants to its cooking sauce range.
Chilean Red Wine Cazuela with olives, tomatoes, chillies and garlic has a medium pungency while Brazilian Tamarind, Chilli and Nut Fruta is hot. Raw materials for the products are sourced from South America and all are free from artificial additives. Recipes are based on the region's low-fat, high protein diet.
Launched just over a year ago, four of the initial five sauces ­ which also includes Argentinian and Cuban recipes ­ have gained listings in most of the multiples. The unsuccessful one, Colombian Citrus and Chilli Cream, has been axed. A rice range was introduced last spring.
Chief executive Elaine Underwood said the company opted to add new Chilean and Brazilian recipes because the two other lines from those countries were doing well.
Brazilian Coconut, Rocoto Pepper & Ginger Moqueca is the range's bestseller, while the UK is now the largest import market for the other newcomer's major ingredient ­ Chilean red wine.
Underwood claimed the Latin American food sector here was underexploited. "With chefs like Jamie Oliver including Latin American recipes in their books and travel to these countries increasing,we are keen to give consumers the chance to experience the cuisine at home."