The association wants all packs of beers, wines and spirits to carry details of the number of units of alcohol they contain as well as health warnings. The industry has already begun introducing units and leading companies including Diageo, Pernod Ricard and Interbrew have some 50 brands on the market featuring them. The Co-operative Group led the way with this initiative and, despite the practice contravening EU regulations, it has introduced detailed health warnings on its own label brands. Jean Coussins, director of industry watchdog Portman, said: "We strongly support units but there is a big difference between them and health warnings. "Research in the US has shown health warnings can have no benefit and may have the opposite effect. What is really needed in this country is a public education campaign from the government," he said. Wine and Spirit Association director Quentin Rappoport said one problem was that countries in Europe have introduced different sized units but talks are taking place to harmonise them. {{NEWS }}