Czech brewer Budweiser Budvar is hoping to emulate the success of the Pepsi Challenge with its own taste test in which it will take on US rival Budweiser.

It has kicked off its first-ever Facebook campaign 'Judgement Day' in a bid to recruit 200 consumers to evaluate the differences ­between the two beers.

Consumers must apply by answering questions about their beer preferences. Qualifying applicants will go into a draw to determine who will evaluate the beer.

When The Grocer suggested that such a contest run via the Budvar Facebook page might be biased, the brewer said it would do all it could to be fair and would ­publish the results in September, ­whatever the outcome.

"Many are well versed in the differences, but there are significant numbers of people who deserve to have their curiosity satisfied," said Budvar UK marketing controller Ian Moss.