Goji berries have so far played an important role in Rude Health's products - as well as selling them in individual packs, they are a core ingredient in its Ultimate Muesli - but they could be under threat.

The small red fruit, which has hit the headlines in recent months because of its very high antioxidant levels, is again under scrutiny. The Food Standards Agency is now considering whether the superfruit should be classed as a novel food. Under EU law, if a food has not been eaten in significant quantities in Europe before May 1997 it cannot be sold until it has been authorised.

Although it can still be sold at present, there is a real possibility the fruit will soon have to be taken off the shelves. "It would be a great shame if they were banned," says Rude Health MD Nick Barnard. "Gojis have been used for hundreds of years and it is absurd to think there could be any health problems with them. We have been fighting to keep them in our cereal. The FSA needs to have a really strong argument to take them off the shelves."

The company stresses there are no safety concerns associated with gojis and intends to sell them for as long as possible. But if they can no longer be used in its cereal it won't be a disaster, stresses Barnard: "If we can't use them we will just add more blueberries."