The start of the new year sees dramatic changes in the brand chart with seven new entries and most of the usual stalwarts dropping down or disappearing.
Cadbury and Nestlé both manage to maintain a chart position and Heinz is the only brand to remain in the chart that has actually improved its position securing the number one spot.
The general activity in-store sees health becoming a dominant factor,with the health and beauty section doing well along with a whole glut of products aimed at improving health and weight loss. Despite the strength of the new-found health conscious theme, it is strangely juxtaposed by the continued success of alcoholic drinks which remains at the top of the category chart, despite having no single brands strong enough to enter the brand chart.
Evian leaps in at number two, aiming at those of us wishing to detox after the gluttony of the festive season. Likewise, Actimel pushes its probiotic theme and Müller and Cadbury offer ‘light’ options for their products.