The cut-throat world of fruit juice manufacturing obviously stood Tropicana MD Gordon Bromley in good stead when he was dumped on a jungle-covered tropical island and left to fend for himself. Bromley (pictured above, left) was part of the BBC challenge survival programme Bare Necessities in which he and two other company bosses took on their three PAs when the teams were left to survive for five days. During their sojourn, the six had to build themselves a shelter, skin and cook a goat and kill a guinea fowl ­ a task which fell to Bromley. His efforts obviously proved fruitful because the team won the competition. Bromley said: "Killing a guinea fowl was a first for me and will make for interesting barbecues in the future." And he enjoyed the experience so much that he's taking his wife there on holiday next week, albeit staying in a hotel. {{COUNTERPOINT }}