Pernod Ricard has become the latest drinks giant to incorporate a responsible drinking message into its advertising.

Jacob’s Creek break bumpers screened during TV comedy series Friends have been modified to include the slogan ‘Enjoy wine in moderation’.

Three executions will emphasise the different occasions when the brand could be drunk with the slogans ‘Any Party’, ‘10,000 Miles’ and ‘Home Entertainment’ alongside various images of the range.

Chris Seale, head of marketing for wines at Pernod Ricard, said: “The sponsorship continues to build top of mind awareness, while conveying a responsible drinking message to the two million viewers who watch it every week.”

The creatives, which form part of the brand’s £4m marketing spend this year, will air on Channel 4 from this month until the end of December. Pernod Ricard’s change in tack comes weeks after Diageo launched a campaign for Smirnoff ending with the slogan ‘Knowing when to stop is a good thing’.

The ad’s two-week TV run represented a £2.5m investment by Diageo, which said it would review the success of the campaign next month with the possibility of extending it to its other brands.

Last year, rival Allied Domecq launched a similar initiative to use sensible drinking advice in its brand marketing. The company said it adapted the style of the message to fit with the advert’s strategy to avoid it sounding like “corporate propaganda”.