Piglet is joining his friend Pooh in Kellogg's stable with a limited edition Hunny B's breakfast cereal.
Aiming to capitalise on next month's release of Disney's Piglet's Big Movie, the newcomer contains Piglet-shaped pieces. Each pack has one of four 3D character bookmarks, which are also available in Kellogg's other children's brands.

the hulk shapes up
Cereal Partners is using The Hulk, set to be this summer's blockbuster movie, with free figurines in its kids' cereal lines.
The offer is backed by a three-week TV ad campaign, instore displays, and competitions on radio and in kids' titles.
Special editions of Golden and Cinnamon Grahams sport right and left halves of The Hulk's face on pack and should be displayed together for impact.

smarties and cream
Anchor Real Dairy Cream is teaming up with confectionery brand Smarties for a summer promotion starting next week.
Cartons of Smarties will be given away with the cream, while PoS material includes a competition to win passes for tourist attractions.

noodles' bad boy
Unilever Bestfoods is adding Bombay Bad Boy, Sweet & Sour and Chow Mein to its King Pot Noodle range as part of a plan to grow the brand to £200m by 2006.

The packaging of Royal Edinburgh Shortbread, the UK's leading shortbread brand, is being given a facelift by Burton's Foods. It said the changes ­ which include the use of an image of Edinburgh Castle ­ would emphasise the brand's Scottishness'.